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47% of yacht trips are in the Mediterranean Sea

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The Mediterranean is the most important sea area in the world during the summer for yacht cruises and boats.


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Recently, BARNES Barcelona participated in an article by the newspaper Expansión on the trends of the luxury yacht sector, and the role of the Mediterranean Sea, considering it’s the sea that concentrates the largest number of the luxury yacht trips in the worlds. In the summer months, up to 47% of yacht trips are made in this sea, especially on the Italian coast, the French Riviera and the Balearic Islands. The Costa Brava, Blanca and Dorada are also very popular, as well as the Greek islands, Croatia and Turkey.

In winter, although the number of trips decreases, the distribution of yacht trips is similar, with the majority taking place in the Eastern Mediterranean (39%) and the West (21%); and the Caribbean gains relevance, becoming the destination of 18% of the yacht trips in winter. In Asian waters, there are barely 8% of the yachts. This market is dominated mainly by Europeans, but the buyers from the United States and Asia are growing year after year.

A big proof of the great luxury that is having one of these boats is their maintenance. Either 30 or 90 meters in length, or even ten, having a boat is money-draining, so it is very usual for people to lease them. According to BARNES Barcelona, it is estimated that ten weeks of rent covers the annual costs and maintenance of the most luxurious yachts, which is why up to 80% of their owners rent them for vacations or for holding events. Because, although it is claimed that sailing is the most expensive way to travel without comfort, the yachts of the great fortunes that this summer will sail our seas are authentic floating mansions.