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What kind of luxury homes are Barça soccer players looking for?

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We discover the main characteristics that players demand when looking for their property.

Elite football is a world of crazy people. Every summer, when the recruitment market arrives, hundreds of players travel around the world changing their team. Some arrive and others leave. And all of them, young and high-income athletes, need residence in the city of their new club. Barcelona has both: one of the best clubs in the world and an important luxury real estate market. And the professional footballer is one of the most “special” buyer profiles there is.

At BARNES Barcelona we are experts in the luxury housing market in Barcelona. That is why today we want to share a closer look at this sector of the real estate market and the role played by the professionals of the king sport. 

In what areas of the big cities do soccer players look for a home?

In Barcelona, players who sign for Barça or Espanyol usually seek residence either in the metropolitan area of Barcelona or in one of the municipalities of the province. When it comes to finding luxury homes in Barcelona city, the most common neighborhoods are Pedralbes and Sarrià. If you prefer to live away from the noise of the metropolis, Sant Just Desvern, Esplugues, Gavà and Castelldefels are the most common options.

What does the soccer player look for in his new residence?

When it comes to choosing luxury homes in Barcelona, football players value discretion above all. Used to being under the spotlight, they try to find areas where they can go unnoticed. Therefore, beyond the comforts that the house may have, one of the aspects that they appreciate the most is exclusivity. The goal is to have the guarantee that they will not be harassed by fans or the press.

Clearly, the proximity to the stadium or the sports facilities of the club also has its importance. As for the characteristics of the house, factors such as spaciousness, luminosity, security service and sports facilities such as swimming pool or paddle tennis court are essential. On many occasions, closeness with teammates is also a highly valued feature.

Buying or renting?

Unless they are players like Messi, who has been in Barcelona for a lifetime, or Cristiano Ronaldo, who spent almost a decade in Madrid, it is normal for players to prefer to rent. The vast majority do not know how long they will be in a team. Soccer is very volatile, and the situation of each player can change quickly. You can change from being the star of the team to "warm the bench" in the blink of an eye. Renting becomes the perfect option.

The homes that soccer players usually choose have certain characteristics. The average surface usually oscillates between 350 and 500 square meters. In many occasions they incorporate plots of about 500 square meters on average. The rental price in the luxury housing areas in Madrid and Barcelona ranges from 5,000 to 15,000 euros per month, although the final cost will always depend on the neighborhood.

How is the service of a luxury real estate for a footballer?

The footballer who demands luxury homes in Barcelona or Madrid requires a highly professional service. The real estate agent must have the utmost discretion and be able to give a very limited list of properties that suit their needs. Soccer players require quick and specific solutions. These are young people who arrive new to a city, without knowing it, and who do not want to waste time.

Therefore, when it comes to providing a service to soccer players, contacts are essential. Companies such as BARNES Barcelona, which move in the luxury housing market in Madrid and Barcelona, have a portfolio of contacts that allow them to adapt to demanding clients such as elite athletes.