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Houses for sale with sea views

Barnes Barcelona, agencia inmobiliaria Barcelona - Salón de una casa con vistas al mar
A house overlooking the sea, a villa with an infinity pool with direct access to the beach or a luxury apartment overlooking the blue color of the Mediterranean Sea are example of properties related to this lifestyle.

The proximity to the sea is the most valued natural element in luxury real estate. The sea means happiness, summer, a "lifestyle" linked to the main essence of life. Enjoying the soft breeze or the sound of the waves is a luxury for any human being. Imagine living with these privileges at the foot of your house. A property close to the sea improves the quality of life, our humor and the daily relationships we maintain with our friends and family.

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Staring at the sea from home is the main luxury 

Feeling the magic of the sea is the essence of luxury in the coast area: enjoying a good dinner, making a barbecue with friends, sunbathing quietly, having a glass of wine or champagne or reading a book. In all these situations, if you add sea views in the closest environment, you gain in joy and pleasure. All of this is possible if your life project includes a coastal location such as the Costa Brava. Towns like BegurEmpuriabravaRoses or Cadaqués are some of the favorite places for the Catalan and French public. We offer luxury villas and houses with panoramic views of the sea and other type of homes near the coast as well.

Living in the sea area of Barcelona

In the Barcelona area there are also famous places for their proximity to the sea life. Although the city of Barcelona is famous for its tradition and history related to the sea, nowadays we talk about a city located in the center area that day to day is moving away from the coast to give this space to tourism and entertainment life. Villages from Barcelona such as SitgesCastelldefels or Gavà Mar are more valued for life by the sea and the beach.