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Properties for sale located in the best areas of Barcelona

Barnes Barcelona, agencia inmobiliaria Barcelona - Salón de un piso con vistas a la Sagrada Familia
A flat in the heart of Passeig de Gracia, a penthouse with a terrace and views of the Sagrada Familia or Turó Park in the upper area. A house located in the neighborhoods of Sarrià or Pedralbes. Live in the most sought after areas of Barcelona.

If choosing between a flat with a terrace, a house with a pool or a duplex with panoramic views is not your main concern, but you prefer to focus your research on "where to live in Barcelona" or "buying a house on the best places of Barcelona" this is your life style.

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"Prime location" or a unique location means exclusivity

Searching for a "premium location" means looking for exclusivity: the place where everyone would like to live in Barcelona. Not everyone can afford to pay the surcharge for these locations. Emotional value is important. Buying an attic with views close to everything that happens in the city or in historical places is sometimes priceless. Values such as being able to see every morning when you wake up monuments like the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's Pedrera or having the sea in front of you for personal joy, without neighbors. They are unique values to surprise your family, friends or even yourself on a day-to-day basis.

The value of a good location

The most important value of a property is the place where it is located. Its accessibility, its proximity to places of interest, position close to airports, marinas, recognized entertainment venues or golf courses are some of the values that determine a higher status between one property and another. The most demanded streets by their history or influence. Live in the fashionable streets of a city, where the most popular places and restaurants are located.

Buying a house in a unique location in Barcelona

Make your little dream come true in the most sought-after places of Barcelona. Discover unique locations where you can build your life. The reasons to buy a home or another differ in small details, and the environment is one of the most important choices. Where to buy a flat or house in Barcelona should be the first matter to consider when investing in a property. There are many unique and special places in Barcelona depending on your priorities. If you want to live in the center of Barcelona, feel its history and breathe the atmosphere of its famous streets you should definitely choose your property next to Paseo de Gracia or Las Ramblas in Barcelona. If you have a family and want to live close to the best international schools in the area, your ideal property is clearly located in the upper area of Barcelona in the neighborhoods of Sarrià, Pedralbes and prestigious nearby areas such as Esplugues de Llobregat or Sant Just Desvern. Living close to Gaudí's art will make you search for its unique location near the famous Sagrada Familia. On the other hand, if you want to live near to the beach and the sea in a fantastic house with direct and exclusive views of the ocean, you will need to look for one of our houses on the Costa Brava.