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Penthouse with terrace for sale in Barcelona

Terraza en ático del Eixample
Enjoying the life at home in Barcelona is related to an outdoor life. A house with a terrace is one of the main characteristics of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Enjoy the sun and the views of Barcelona.

Buying a penthouse with a terrace is one of the most valued lifestyles in Barcelona. The city of Barcelona is known for its good weather and for its dreamy panoramic views. A city full of life and a thousand of environments to enjoy a unique view of Barcelona. A penthouse with a terrace has the bonus of adding a lot of light to your home and living in a privileged place within the Catalan capital.

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Buying a penthouse with a terrace is a safe value

Barcelona is a city where living at the top of a building is highly valued. It is an element of exclusivity and difference with any other type of property within the city. Being able to enjoy the outdoors while being at home is a privilege and much more if you can find yourself in a penthouse with clear views.

Living in the sky of Barcelona

If you are looking to escape the gray skies of central and northern Europe, Barcelona offers you the chance to enjoy a day by day away from stress in a city with future and a living history, where the sun and good views are the great allies of the comfort of a terrace or balcony. Living in an attic with a terrace is living in the sky of Barcelona. To buy a penthouse with a terrace is to feel the height offered by Barcelona in neighborhoods of the upper area such as Sarrià - Sant Gervasi or Pedralbes, where you have panoramic views of the entire city. Living in a penthouse with a terrace is to feel the privilege of waking up every day being able to observe from a unique perspective incredible locations such as the Gothic quarter, the modernist buildings of the Eixample, monuments such as the Sagrada Familia or open areas as the Plaça de Espanya or Plaça Catalunya. To live in a penthouse with a terrace is to get up with the feeling of living above the city, outside the reality of an area of neighbors and incessant noise at the street level.