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Rentals in Barcelona: apartments, houses and villas


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With over 2,000 years of history, Barcelona is widely regarded as one of the most attractive and cosmopolitan cities in Europe. Its unique blend of culture, an enviable climate and picturesque coastline has led to an abundance of people choosing the city to live and work. Luckily, there are numerous types of rental properties in Barcelona and its surroundings. Choose from flats, apartments, lofts, houses, and high-rise apartments. If you are looking for something roomier or a bit more luxurious, Barcelona also has villas, chalets with terraces and large penthouses with panoramic views of the city. Many Barcelona rentals have a swimming pool in the grounds, an important consideration given the hot climate.

Why Barcelona is a good place for renting?

Spain is known for its long sunny days and warm climate. Barcelona is a beautiful city with plenty to offer people looking for a property to rent. There are miles of lovely beaches and a cost of living that is lower than many other similar-sized European capitals. Many find the Spanish way of life very appealing with a siesta after lunch during the hottest hours of the day and relaxed, laid-back meals that last until the late evening. Football fans will enjoy lovely living in Barcelona, which is the home a stadium at Camp Nou only a few miles away from the city. Barcelona is also the home of world-class examples of art and architecture, such as the Picasso Museum and the Museum of the History of Barcelona. There are so many reasons why investigating a long-term rental in Barcelona is worthwhile - not least Barcelona's fantastic food and wine - not for nothing is it known as the gastronomic capital of Catalonia. It also has a lively nightlife.

Which type of property should you rent in Barcelona?

When considering a move to one of the largest cities in Spain, the first thing to consider is the type of property that meets your requirements. Will you need a furnished apartment or an unfurnished rental? Do you need a family villa in the suburbs with a large swimming pool? The next thing to think about is the location. Barcelona has excellent transport links, but if you can afford it, you might prefer to live in the heart of the city.

Rent your flat, house, villa, chalet with terrace, swimming pool, with panoramic views to the city, penthouses in the best areas of Barcelona. You might wish to consider a short-term let in Barcelona while you spend some time exploring the city and working out exactly which neighbourhood is right for you. It's worth thinking about the time and effort finding the perfect property and whether using the services of a rental agency might be a sensible option. If you are seeking exclusive luxury Barcelona rentals, contact Barnes Barcelona, the experts of property for sale or rent in this gorgeous Spanish city. If you want to rent a flat or a house in the most sought after areas of Barcelona, you need to help of experts. Barnes Barcelona is a real estate agent who specializes in the most luxurious properties. They offer the most professional service in the market with personalized monitoring from the appraisal of your property to the final sale. Make your search for long-term rental Barcelona a success with the help of our agents who have years of experience and unquestionable recognition within the high-end sector internationally.