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Everything you need to know to buy luxury houses in Barcelona as an investment

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Investing in the purchase of luxury properties has become one of the most profitable investments on the market. Especially in Barcelona, one of the best cities to live in due to its great international and intercultural appeal.

There the demand is high and buying luxury houses to rent or sell them generates profitability. But do you know the keys to invest in luxury homes?

For a luxury house to be suitable as an investment, it must meet a series of conditions such as location and presence; the two essential to start an investment process. If you are going to invest in real estate in Barcelona, it’s useful to have a prior knowledge of the market and to count on the advice of experts in the sector.

Today, on the BARNES Barcelona blog, we show you the keys and tricks to buy a luxury home as an investment in Barcelona and thus obtain greater profitability.

Four keys to invest in your luxury home

The big question for luxury property investors is: should i buy to rent or buy to sell? If we have a property to rent, we have the benefit of having a fixed monthly income and a property in progressive revaluation. If we buy a property to sell it, we will have less financial risk if it’s sold at a higher price than when was purchased.

The first key is choosing the property based on the investment objective: the type of property you buy will change depending on the investment option. For example: two bedroom furnished properties are ideal for short rentals such as vacation homes. If we are looking to sell on a long-term basis, the best option is to buy a well-distributed exterior apartment with 2 or 3 bedrooms with a lift and parking.

The second key is choosing a good location within Barcelona: for example, the new areas that are experiencing a greater appreciation of house prices. The real reason is that there is a growing demand for second homes in beach areas and the proliferation of vacation rentals.

The third key is to prioritize well-established areas: the best place to look for houses is in established neighborhoods with affordable prices, high rental demand and good transport connections and nearby services, such as Pedralbes, Sarriá and Les Tres Torres.

Fourth, you have to look for properties that are in good condition, especially when you want to rent the property. If you want to reform the house after the purchase, you must make sure that the purchase price is low enough to be able to do it, and thus carry out a profitable business.

We know that investing in property tends to be a round business. But we mustn’t forget that, to estimate the initial investment, we must consider more aspects than just the initial purchase price. At BARNES Barcelona we have a great catalog where you will find the best options to obtain profitability, and you will be accompanied throughout the process by our team of experts. Only once you take into account the complete process, will you be able to calculate the profitability and make the real estate investment in Barcelona that you always dreamed of.