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10 tips to sell or rent your luxury home in Barcelona quickly

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All what you need to know to rent or sell your home quickly and efficiently.

Do you need to rent or sell your house quickly? This process can often be slow and exhausting, even if the home is located in a high-demand neighborhood. That’s why focusing on the little details will be one of the keys to reduce time and even increase the value of the house.

According to the latest market surveys, the average time for a sale was 15-30 days, while currently the time to sell or rent a luxury home have multiplied by thirty. In some cases, the sale or rental of a property can take a year.

Today, in the BARNES Barcelona blog, we give you some tips to sell or rent your luxury home in Barcelona quickly and efficiently.

Appartment in Sarrià - Sant GervasiBarcelona - Sant Gervasi - Piso 2640 sq ft - 5 Bedrooms

10 tips that will ensure the operation

  1. The first minute is the one that counts: it’s the moment in which people get an idea of what they will see in the rest of the house. That’s why it is essential to consider all the small details, such as lighting, decoration and the rest of the environment.

  2. Everything is important: the house must be well ventilated, the paint on the walls must look good and, above all, the house must be clean. If the house is empty, the details stand out much more by attracting the attention of potential buyers.

  3. Check that everything works correctly: windows, faucets and electrical elements. If everything works correctly, the perception of housing will be different, and the final value of the property may increase.

  4. Light can change the house: it’s very important to know how to highlight the virtues and hide the defects. If a room is dark and has no natural light, you can choose to place a brightly colored paint that helps to bring some light in it.

  5. Give some life to the house: even if it’s empty, it’s important to place a basket with fruits or cookies to receive guests, have well-equipped toilets and make everything looks cozy. The house should have a warm look, so the potential buyer can imagine it as their future home.

  6. Don’t overload the atmosphere: not everyone has the same tastes as you. Home Staging should be considered, the decorative technique that seeks to improve a house for sell it or rent it at the highest price and in the shortest time.

  7. The visits should be performed by professionals: they know how to measure the level of emotion and detail that potential buyers should receive, especially if it’s a first visit.

  8. Leave the details for second visits: on the first visit it’s convenient to show the complete facilities and the details that have really generated interest to the clients. At this stage they become more important and will help accelerate the closing of the operation.

  9. A professional detects selling mistakes faster: experience is everything, so you have to accept their ideas and advice. The agent will be interested in the same as you, selling or renting the property as quickly as possible and with the best value that can be achieved.

  10. The professional always knows what the client is looking for: the final key is to support our commercial agent. They will highlight the best aspects of the house and avoid showing details that may harm the operation. No one like them to close a sale or rent the place.

Experience and professionalism

It’s clear that trying to sell or rent our luxury home in Barcelona is a process that requires great market knowledge and previous training that not everyone has. It’s important to keep these tips in mind in order to do it as quickly as possible and avoid problems. The key is to rely on the great experience and professionalism of the commercial agents, who will help us to perform the best possible operation with our home, achieving maximum profitability.

Appartment in Sarrià - Sant GervasiBarcelona - Sant Gervasi - Piso 2640 sq ft - 5 Bedrooms