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Learn about the main functions of high standing real estate agents

Buying or selling a property isn’t an easy task for anyone. In Barcelona there are thousands of properties available for purchase that have different characteristics, different locations and different types of construction. The same happens when it comes to wanting to sell our home, the possibilities can be endless.

The high standing real estate agent has the same role as any home buyer or seller. Being good at your job means having a number of innate qualities, such as ease of communication and negotiation, and others that can be worked on as you evolve as an agent.

Today, in the BARNES Barcelona blog, we show you what are the main values and functions of a high standing real estate agent and why they are so important when buying or selling a property.

Empathy, professionalism and constant training

First of all, it’s necessary to highlight that the real estate agent is an advisor, mediator, negotiator, manager and partner during the entire process of buying and selling a property. Its main functions include the commercialization of properties, the acquisition of new clients, the mediation between buyer and seller and the management of documentation and contracts.

But, in addition, it must have a series of values that are essential for customers to feel comfortable:

Empathy: listening is the key for a real estate agent. The relationships built between clients must be lasting, so it’s necessary to work them every day. It’s also important to be up to date with new technologies to be in constant communication and at the service of those who need them.

Values: when working with people constantly, one of the essential characteristics of an agent is “to be sociable”. This implies being nice, friendly and available to those who need them. If we add respect and responsibility at work, customers will be satisfied.

Negotiation capacity: this is necessary since on a daily basis it will be necessary to mediate between buyers and sellers to reach the best possible agreement for both. Patience will be key in this regard.

Trust: knowing how to transmit it will make the agent's work more valuable. To achieve this, honesty and sincerity will be the pillars.

Professionalism: transmitting peace and experience is one of the most important things when carrying out any type of high standing real estate operation. Knowing the areas of the city where you work, having tips to give to clients and having a wide list of potential buyers is a plus.

It is clear that meeting the expectations of the real estate market and its clients is not an easy task. At BARNES Barcelona we have the best team of real estate agents, trained to accompany you in one of the most important moments of your life, buying or selling your house. The key is working as if we were a big family, accompanying us and perfecting ourselves every day to be the best in the city. Are you ready to fulfill your dream with us?