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Luxury Trends 2021: Get your Barcelona terrace ready for summer!

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Winter is over, and it’s time to start preparing the terrace or balcony of our luxury home in Barcelona for the coming summer.

Having a nice place to relax and spend time with friends and family will be essential during the next few months of hot weather. We can create an ideal outdoor space by renovating the furniture or adding plants and fairy lights.

Today, on the BARNES Barcelona blog, we'll give you the latest decorating trends and the best ideas for giving that special place a new lease on life.

Prepare your luxury home's terrace for the summer in Barcelona

We can choose our decoration based on the style we want to give to the terrace, as well as the available space we have. The idea is to create a comfortable environment and to do so, the first step will be to find a place where we can sit. If the space is large enough, a small sofa next to a table is a great option for maximum comfort. It’s important to get furniture that’s sun-resistant and easy to clean.

Natural plants are elements that bring life to balconies and terraces. They not only add color but contribute to a friendlier and more pleasant environment. Depending on the look we want to give the space, we can either place some large plants on the ground or combine small pots.

In terms of décor, lighting is just as important as the other items mentioned above. It’s recommended to use sconces or light garlands to frame doors, illuminate walls, or simply hang in the air. We can use candles to add warmth to a room as well.

3 popular decorating styles

  • Minimalism: when it comes to smaller spaces, "less is more": simplicity reigns. We can create an elegant and sophisticated look as well as a calm and serene environment by using few elements.
  • Zen: beanbags, low tables, and cushions will provide a relaxing touch to the atmosphere. Soft colors should be used for this type of terrace too. We can also include rocks and sand that go with the herbage.
  • Rustic: large solid wood furniture and clay containers, such as vases or flowerpots, are perfect for spaces like this. Additionally, stone walls are also great for adding texture.

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Adapting the terrace or balcony of our luxury home in Barcelona is a quick and easy task. We'll be able to create that intimate and cozy environment we seek during our summer afternoons and nights. At BARNES Barcelona, we hope that by following our advice, you’ll be able to achieve that special atmosphere and enjoy your home to the fullest during this time of the year. Bring your ideas to life and have fun!