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5 secrets to sell your flat in Barcelona almost instantly

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A tip: setting an attractive price and giving exclusivity to a real estate agency can help you sell your flat quickly.

If you've made the decision to put one of your properties up for sale - whether it's for cash, buying a new home or investing in luxury property - congratulations! From BARNES Barcelona we will help you to do it. We will share with you the secrets that the experts use to raise the proposals and, of course, close the deal as soon as possible.

While any landlord is capable of using certain tools to his advantage - such as taking high-quality photographs and making eye-catching publications - this may not be enough to sell a flat quickly, easily and without complications. In the end, this effort would be worthless if the owner fails to capture the true potential of his property and pass it on to interested parties.

So, if you want to learn how to sell a flat in Barcelona almost instantly, read on! We have prepared a short list to guide you:

1. Adjusts the price to the market 

The first thing you have to do to sell a fast flat in Barcelona - besides having all the papers in order - is to set a price that is attractive. But be careful! This does not mean that you are obliged to accept an offer that is below its value: you will only have to adjust it to the market price. Working with a realistic price from the beginning will have an immediate benefit in the publication of your flat because it will arouse the interest of the buyers and multiply the offers. 

2. Choose exclusivity

When an owner puts his property up for sale on his own, it can take up to nine months to negotiate the price and conditions of the transaction. Therefore, if you are asking yourself "how to sell my flat quickly" the appropriate answer is with the help of the experts!

If you want to speed up the sale even more, choose a good real estate agency - or two, at most - to handle the negotiation of your property exclusively. Something as simple as choosing this modality will make the consultants and agents give priority to your property, devoting much more time and effort to it.

The result? You can hang up the "sold" sign in a few days and - best of all - without lifting a finger.

3. Show the best side of your apartment

To sell a flat quickly in Barcelona - or anywhere else in the country - avoid details that hide its potential. Our recommendation? Get rid of the old furniture, clear and clean the storage room, put some plants on the balcony and check every light bulb in the house to create a perfectly lighted environment.

Although it may not seem like it, this has a huge weight to sell a flat fast and get the maximum valuation of the property. It also evaluates the possibility of giving the property a washed up face. To do this, you only need to paint the walls with a neutral color and say goodbye to the gotelé or any other sign of old age.

This will give a touch of warmth to the spaces and generate that feeling of spaciousness and light that buyers are looking for.

4. Highlight each attraction

Every floor has something that makes it unique. Characteristics such as the location of the property, its altitude, access to the common leisure areas and the added square meters -whether a storage room or a garage included- are key aspects that must be highlighted in the sale announcement.

The same goes for other factors, such as having a large terrace, access to the swimming pool, a private elevator or an internal courtyard; even more so when the nearby apartments do not usually have these attractions.

5. Neatness and detail sells

When your property comes on the market, many people will want to see it in person. Therefore, you must make every detail count! Make sure you clean the entire floor and - if possible - neutralize the spaces. How? By practicing a little home staging. To do this, try to remove your personal items, use the storage spaces to store small kitchen appliances and keep the windows open to eliminate bad smells and increase the feeling of freshness.

If the apartment is not furnished or equipped, add some life with some houseplants. Replace the old curtains with new blinds - neutral in color or a soft gray, for example - and consider renting some furniture to improve the aesthetics of the place.

Bonus: make some last minute changes

There are modifications you can make in less than a day to win over buyers at first sight. Let's look at some examples:

  • Invest a bit in decor
  • Buy modern hanging lamps.
  • Change the shower tray for a new one
  • Replace the taps in the bathroom and kitchen.

Don't forget to check the operation of everything you have in the house. This includes switches, doors and windows. If you decide to install some new elements - such as lamps and taps - choose a modern but timeless design! Metal finishes are in fashion these days and will give your flat a classic and uniform style.

How to sell a flat in Barcelona with the help of experts?

To sell a flat fast, it is not enough to hire a good photographer or clean everything up to make it look shiny. Even the newest properties can be difficult to sell without professional support. Therefore, if you decide to go to a real estate agency to give them the exclusivity of your project, it is important that you take into consideration the recommendations of the consultants, since - besides having the knowledge - they have a lot of experience.

Having the support of a prestigious real estate agency such as BARNES Barcelona, you will enjoy personalized advice, management of visits, a good market study and an appraisal of the property that will allow you to know its real value. This way, you will not have to worry about how to sell your flat: we will take care of everything.