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Best ideas to make Home Office in our luxury home in Barcelona

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Working at home is not discomfort. Although at first glance doing a home office has been something that has triggered the pandemic around the world, moving the office home indefinitely can turn us upside down and lengthen the day if we don’t find the right space.

The luxury homes in Barcelona have a lot of places to adapt it and make it part of our daily routine. If you feel that your environment is full of distractions, that you are inefficient while working at home, or that you simply cannot concentrate, there are ways to make that place our ideal space.

Today, on the BARNES Barcelona blog, we show you the tips you should follow to turn your space into a home office, the best place to spend most of the day.

5 tips to make our ideal workspace at home

What furniture is the most recommended to work with? How to choose the perfect chair? How to make the best use of space? How to solve save objects? The questions that arise when creating our home office space are endless.

1.Choose a space that has good lighting 

A basic rule will be to decide its location based on the light. In the morning the lighting should be intense and natural, as the body needs to slow down sleep and the best way to do it is with sunlight.

2.There must be air circulation

If you have chosen a place with a window for lighting, take care of it being useful and allow it to open, so that the air is renewed all the time.

3.Plants and flowers 

Plants function as oxygen factories that eliminate the concentration of harmful gases in the environment and add a much-needed green touch to any home office.

4.Invest in a good chair and work desk 

Choose an ergonomic chair, with arms and height adjustment. If you work in a table, make sure the monitor is exactly below your line of sight when looking straight ahead and that your back is straight.

5.Avoid distractions 

Unless your work is needed, avoid setting up your home office in a place where the TV is in front of you. In addition, it’s ideal that the desk is far from your bed or armchair, since the temptation to take a short break can betray us.

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    Without a doubt, working at home can be unproductive, if we know that it’s easier to distract ourselves with daily comforts or housework. AT BARNES Barcelona we know that it isn’t an utopia. The search for a workspace shouldn’t be an excuse to delay our tasks. Together we will find the ideal home, with the ideal office, which will help make our work a luxury!