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Why it’s so difficult to find a loft for sale in Barcelona?

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The reasons why it is difficult to find this type of property for sale

Many people come to Barcelona - or already lives there - hoping to invest in a luxury home that will last a lifetime. The first step is usually searching through the internet. But it’s so difficult to find homes that fit their wishes, that most of them decide to contact a real estate agency specializing in luxury housing such as BARNES Barcelona. And the first question it’s always the same: do you have any lofts for sale?

Loft literally means gallery, or warehouse. These are large spaces that were transformed into private homes, and in many cases are distributed over two large floors. These characteristics make them the most popular products on the market, and at the same time, the most expensive and difficult to find.

Today, on the blog of BARNES Barcelona, we would like to give you the main reasons why finding a loft for sale in Barcelona is so complicated.

3 reasons to fall in love with a loft apartment

Former industrial, commercial or old factory spaces have been renovated and reconditioned to become first-class loft apartments. They are great to build a romantic, bohemian and, at the same time, urban life. What is it that makes lofts so attractive and desirable?

  1. Open and bright spaces: the lofts are characterized by high ceilings and wide spaces to play with the decoration. Large windows help to get the best of natural light inside the apartment. Many people take advantage of these places by working from home.
  2. A special charm: this occurs because in the beginning, the loft was designed with another function. Each of the spaces keeps a bit of history and time stamps: exposed bricks, large frosted glass windows, high ceilings with wooden beams and even original fire doors.
  3. Shared services: in smaller communities, services such as fitness rooms, clubs, patios and terraces are often shared. This generates a sense of community and a feeling of connected neighborhood.

The best option: the loft

A loft-like space in Barcelona can be whatever you want: modern, vintage, cozy, minimalist and functional. The only limit is your own imagination. Although finding the perfect place in Barcelona can be difficult, rest assured that at BARNES Barcelona we can help you get there.

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