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What you should keep in mind when selling a plot of land?

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The sale of a plot does not work in the same way as the sale of a house.

It is usually thought that the procedures to carry out the sale of a built house are the same as when you want to sell a land, although the truth is that this is not the case. Plot buyers do not have the same goals as those who want to buy a house and their preferences are different. Today, in the BARNES blog, we explain what you should keep in mind when you want to sell a piece of land.


Different strategies can be followed to sell a piece of land. Word of mouth has always been the most successful way to achieve this, but with the arrival of the Internet this platform has become the most important dissemination format to achieve a good sale of the land. 

The best strategy to sell a plot of land is to use all possible forms of dissemination to reach the maximum number of interested people. Although the Internet is one of the most widespread, you can also resort to the written press or specialised real estate portals. 

Another good strategy is to create an exclusive landing page with information about the terrain you want to sell. This will allow you to differentiate yourself from the rest and highlight the benefits that the potential buyer can obtain to attract the attention of potential customers. 

Finally, the price of the land must also be fixed. It is best to carry out an appraisal or valuation or calculate the cadastral value to make an estimate of the minimum sale price. 

At Barnes Barcelona we will use all our resources to help you sell your land. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Documentation is essential to make the sale of a land. The documents required to carry out these procedures are the following:

  • Writing. This public document justifies the possession of the land and must be issued in a notary's office. 
  • Identification of the seller. The owner provides his DNI or NIE.
  • Energy efficiency certificate. Document that specifies the annual energy consumption. 
  • Mortgage. If there is a mortgage, the bank should be contacted for settlement at the time of signing. In case it does not exist, a Simple Note is delivered, the document that certifies that there are pending loads. 
  • Simple Note. Document that proves that the property is registered in the Land Registry. It can be requested at the Land Registry, in person and online. 
  • Certificate of Land Registry. Document where the owners, the history of the land and the encumbrances and limitations it has. 
  • Urban Regulation Report. Mandatory specifications for land use.

As a recommendation, and despite not being mandatory, it is very important that a specialist drafts the contract of sale to ensure that it is valid in the future before a notary.

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