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What do you need to sell your Barcelona luxury home?

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A real estate selling process is a complex operation that involves a series of requirements and mandatory procedures, especially if it’s a luxury home in Barcelona. All the necessary certificates should be presented before the start of the procedure to help avoid future issues.

On one hand, there is the obligatory documentation pertaining to the technical aspects of the house, for which it’s recommended to hire an architect or engineer. On the other hand, there are legal difficulties that a real estate agent can assist us with.

Today on the BARNES Barcelona blog, we explain what paperwork and certificates are required to sell a house or a luxury apartment in Barcelona, some of which are required at the national level and others that are special to the autonomous community.

Compulsory documents that we need to sell a luxury home in Barcelona

1.Energy certificate

        This certificate, generally referred to as an "energy label," must be shown during the sale as well as in the advertisement. The Royal Decree 235/2013, dated April 5, stipulates the responsibility of the same to determine the property's level of energy efficiency and savings, as a function of the building’s size

        2.Certificate of occupancy

                  An approved technician creates a report that verifies the house's minimal conditions, including health, hygiene, and structural integrity. In Catalonia, this license must be provided by the city council and is required.

                  The permit may still be valid in some situations, particularly for second-hand properties. If it has expired, however, a new one must be granted and approved by the Generalitat.

                  3.Real estate appraisal

                    It’s essential to have this valuation performed by a professional in order to sell apartments at a market-based price. This way you can avoid establishing a price that is either too high or too low, which could complicate the sale.

                    4.Property deed

                    It is critical to obtain the property title confirming the current owner of the luxury home. This document is formalized at the time of sale and is registered in the Land Registry of the location of the house.

                    5. Property tax

                    When selling a house, we must show the most recent paid receipt for this tax, which is imposed on the property's ownership. In some cases, the notary can even request the last 5 receipts paid during the sale process.


                    On the other hand, a document signed by the property administrator that guarantees the free debt of the quotas of the community of owners is also required.

                    It is important to have professional assistance to complete the process swiftly and smoothly. We, at BARNES Barcelona, have professionals who will assist you in obtaining the essential documentation and successfully selling your luxury home in Barcelona.