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When picking up a luxury apartment in Barcelona, it’s better home automation or a digital home?

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Home automation is the premium feature of luxury properties and today we explain you why.

Did you ever imagined that what movies showed us about smart homes would become real? Currently, luxury apartments and high-standing homes in Barcelona incorporate smart home devices, creating fully connected homes.

Today, home automation is already the usual and more and more homes, especially those that are for sale, have these systems. An automatized home is defined as a home, regardless of its typology, that is automated, whatever its degree and the technologies used. On the other hand, when it comes to a digital home, its main characteristic is that a process of integration of these technologies into the networks has been carried out, achieving a hyper-controlled system of control of domestic robots.

Today, in the blog of BARNES Barcelona we explain you the differences between choosing a home automation or a digital home when buying a luxury apartment in Barcelona.

Villa EmpuriabravaCosta Brva - Empuriabrava - Villa 2260 sq ft - 4 Bedrooms

Home Automation Ecosystems

Today, the dominant trend is to combine the most advanced technology with the most basic household applications. But what is the difference between the concepts of digital home and home automation?

None. They go hand in hand. Intelligent, social and remotely controllable, the home automation house has multiple applications to control all its processes. The house becomes purely digital and we, its inhabitants, gain absolute control of everything that happens within. That is why big companies, such as Amazon and Google, have created their own products:

  • Alexa, the creation of Amazon: a device to which we give an order and performs it at all installed connection points. Alexa is able to understand us and execute the orders or by sending the necessary commands to the destination in charge of the task.
  • Google Assistant with Google Home: it’s a complete home device, which works using the connected speaker and is able to help us with basic tasks. In this case it is a multi-language help, which incorporates artificial intelligence to learn to answer simple answers automatically.
  • Samsung SmartThings: the Korean company has devised a new home automation ecosystem based mainly on its own appliances and devices, thus avoiding dependence on third companies.

Home automation or smart home? Both! 

As we have said before, home automation is applied to energy management and home security services, together with the automation of real estate devices and data. Today, when we talk about a digital home, we talk about those luxury apartments in Barcelona that have the automation of air conditioning, acoustics, comfort, telecommunications and entertainment. All of them managed from the same device, to make our lives easier. And, in the future, it is no longer necessary to choose. We can have a home controlled by home automation and connected to the network digitally in the city.