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Virtual tours: the digitization of the luxury real estate industry

Show light - BARNES Agency, luxury real estate in Barcelona

Luxury real estate firms have experienced some of the most significant technological changes in recent times. The lockdown caused by COVID-19 presented incredible opportunities for efficiency, transformation, and digital growth.

New strategies for buying and selling high-end real estate have emerged thanks to artificial intelligence, such as distance sales, telephone advice lines, and transaction processes and virtual visits. Undoubtedly, the latter have become one of the most used resources by real estate agents during the quarantine.

Today, on the BARNES Barcelona blog, we explain you what the new modality of virtual visits is about and the benefits they present so that you can find the house of your dreams.

What is a virtual tour in the luxury real estate industry like and what are its advantages?

Before using virtual tours, clients would go to web pages or real estate portals and see images of luxury properties. Nowadays, many buyers and investors demand the recreation of homes in a virtual way, in different formats that include 3D mode, 360º experiences or professional videos.

Over the last few months, Matterport's 3D technology, which enables immersive and realistic experiences, is being implemented in more and more real estate companies. As potential buyers or renters, we can see real pictures of the house and tour it entirely. This is a great advantage, especially for those who are in another city and can’t travel to see the property by himself.

Apartment 1561 sq ft - El BornVIRTUAL TOUR - Apartment 1561 sq ft - 3 Bedrooms - El Born

Another way to show the houses is through a personalized video-tour with an agent. This service makes it easier to communicate, exchange information in real time and see the house’s interior without the need to be in it. To do it, the real estate agent will be at the property, showing every corner and answering every question.

New technologies have undoubtedly helped to improve the customer experience, simplify the buying and selling of property processes and allow them to be carried out from anywhere in the world. At BARNES Barcelona we continue to update and improve our work everyday, to offer the best service and help you find the luxury property that best fits your needs.