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What elements influence the valuation of a luxury property in Barcelona?

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When selling a luxury house or apartment in Barcelona we have to consider the potential for revaluation, especially if it is a second-hand property. With this in mind, it's important to plan and make the necessary changes in order to meet the clients' quality expectations.

Depending on the characteristics of each property, a comprehensive renovation can increase the value of our home by up to 65 percent. There are, however, more factors that favor an increase in its final value.

Today, on the BARNES Barcelona blog, we'll tell you how to increase the value of your property so that it's ready to sell and stands out in the high-end real estate market.

5 factors that increase the value of a luxury home in Barcelona


We can add rooms or remove them to expand others. Additionally, by changing doors and windows we’ll improve our thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as an energy-efficient house.


if we replace the furniture and appliances, we can achieve a renewed air in our kitchen. In the bathroom, however, it’s essential to replace the bathtub, as well as the faucets and shower head. If we have an outdoor room, we can decorate it with plants to add a unique touch.


It’s important to provide proper lighting in your house. We'll achieve this result by maximizing natural light and replacing old bulbs with more luminous and environmentally friendly alternatives


Using minimal furniture and neutral-colored walls we can give our place sense of spaciousness and light. A well-painted and decorated home will catch the eye of any buyer.

flat EixampleBarcelona - Eixample - 1463 sq ft flat - 3 bedrooms

Home automation 

we can achieve greater comfort, as well as making our home safer and more energy-efficient, by incorporating technology in our household. There are automated locks, smart plugs and lamps, and thermostats that control heating costs that can be used to make a house into a Smart Home.

Knowing the elements that can maximize the worth of our luxurious home in Barcelona allows us to be one step ahead of other sellers. If we present a remodeled home, with a new look, we will definitely stand out in the real estate luxury market. At BARNES Barcelona we have experts who will advise you throughout the process to sell your property quickly and easily.