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Most common types of luxury homes in Barcelona

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Searching to luxury homes in Barcelona to buy? Know the most common types

Barcelona is an exciting city full of history. In its architecture and monuments, we can discover the remains of past eras: a mixture between the Roman city and modern metropolis that it is today. Wouldn’t you like to have everything in one place? Catalonia has a beach, mountains, nature and many idyllic locations where you can find your ideal luxury home. 

Today, in the blog of BARNES Barcelona, we’d like to school you on what kind of luxury homes you can find in Barcelona and its surroundings. Discover them!

Unique and exclusive luxury house designs

Private apartments in downtown: it’s about comfort combined with elegance and a unique style. Downtown luxury apartments in Barcelona are equipped with the latest in smart technology: heating, elevators, lighting. Here we can find properties more and more similar to a five-star hotel.

Chalets surrounded by nature: in this type of properties, comfort, tranquility and pleasure meet. The large gardens will become a vital characteristic of a luxury villa, and the space needed to find balance. Private parking is another of its main features, since it’s necessary to have a car to get to and from the city.

Exciting mansions in the mountains: in the highest areas of the city we find impressive high standing properties. These are houses with one or two floors, with swimming pools and terraces that have unsurpassed views of the city of Barcelona and, in the background, the wonderful Mediterranean Sea. Is it worth going out of town? Of course, since they are usually immersed in residential areas, of high prestige, adjacent to the most elegant and stately neighborhoods in the upper area.

Houses with access to the Mediterranean coast: living in front of the sea is a pleasure that few people know how to enjoy. These residences, which usually have more than 300 square meters, make the most of their location facing the beach and allow a more pleasant lifestyle. The open spaces, open to the outside, and the interiors full of light, offer a modern, relaxed and inspirational life for those who choose to live there.

Appartment El Gótic - BARNES BarcelonaBarcelona - Gothic Quarter - Apartment - 925 sq ft - 2 Bedrooms

A house just for you

Either way, a luxury home is a property worth investing on. In BARNES Barcelona we work to help you find your ideal home, an unprecedented house that ends up meaning a before and after in your life; A house ready for you to start writing your own story.