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The quietest luxury areas to live in Barcelona

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Discover the best places in the city of Barcelona to live away from stress.

Barcelona is a city that since 1984 has been divided into ten districts, subdivided into seventy-three neighborhoods, with differences and special features in each of them. We have cool, beach, student areas and others where luxury homes abound, and what is most prevalent is tranquility.

The calmest neighborhoods are in the so-called highlands, which are also further from the city. Les Tres Torres, Sarrià, Les Corts and Sant Gervasi- La Bonanova are in the top 10 of the most recommended places to live by those seeking to have a home in a safe and peaceful place.

Today, on the BARNES Barcelona blog, we show you the luxury areas where you can find a home that suits your needs, while enjoying the peace away from the center of Barcelona.

Green space fans

They say that whoever has a garden has a treasure, and it’s one of the most important accessories when looking for a space to live quietly. The high areas of the city surprise us with green spaces at every turn, parks where children can play and have fun or areas where we can sit and listen to the sounds that nature gives us.

Green spaces encourage creativity, mental and affective capacities, help increase longevity and quality of life for those who live there. In fact, these neighborhoods are incredible for their small streets, surrounded by nature, which allow you to breathe fresh air every day.

Generally, because they are between mountains, these areas have steep streets that, if you are not a fan of jogging, you can go through escalators and minibuses that move through the different streets.

Turó Park

Experiences and comfort

There is no doubt that Barcelona has a neighborhood for each type of person. At BARNES Barcelona we want to help you to find the place of your dreams, the one where you can combine tranquility, nature and the luxury home that best suits your comforts. Are you excited to discover which is the ideal house for you?

Penthouse Sant Gervasi - GalvanyBarcelona - Sant Gervasi Galvany - Penthouse 1400 sq ft - 754 sq ft terraces - 3 Bedrooms