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What are the pros and cons of buying a villa in Barcelona?

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It’s not easy to find the perfect home, particularly if you have to decide between a flat, a villa or a luxury mansion. Not only the decision is hard, but it can be stressful because of the wide market that exists in the city today. Apartments are usually located in the most central places of the city, close to work, while the chalets and mansions are usually far away and surrounded by nature.

Today we share the keys to buy the perfect villa in Barcelona, suited perfectly to everybody’s needs and tastes.

The main advantages of buying a villa in Barcelona

For many families, a villa is their dream house. You can you enjoy nature, with its own land, and they are also spacious, comfortable and bright. Tranquility and space are some of their great advantages.

Intimacy is another important factor when you choose this type of home. A villa usually has its own place to park the car, and the neighbors are further away, which makes it more convenient. In a chalet you will forget about noisy and inconsiderate neighbors, and the silence and calm will prevail. 

Having private land is also a feature of chalets: when the family grows up, the children will have a space to play, they will be able to barbecue and meetings with friends; and even have a pool. And all this without incurring in extra community expenses.

But not everything is good

Everything good has always something not as good. Choosing this type of home has some disadvantages that it is also important to know.

When winter arrives, it´s more expensive to make the house warm and it´s also done slowly, as the spaces are larger. Home insurance for chalets also have a higher value than in other types of housing.

In addition, the house will require constant maintenance and greater dependence on the use of the car to reach the city center. Utilities, such as firefighters, police and more, will also need more time to arrive when they are needed.

But at the end of the day, the decision isn´t difficult at all. You only need to know that, when you are thinking about your future home, and imagine spacious spaces, quiet environments and a private garden to enjoy with your family and friends, you will have to buy a villa in Barcelona, far from the center and surrounded by nature.