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The French look for housing near the Lycée Français

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French buyers searching for opportunities in the Catalan real estate market

Barcelona is one of the cities where more real estate purchase operations are carried out throughout the country. And it is precisely foreigners who dynamize the luxury real estate market in the region. Would you like to know which group of foreigners are the main investors in luxury apartments, houses and mansions in Barcelona?

The citizens of France are the most relevant in this kind of operations, representing almost 8% of the purchases of foreigners throughout Spain, followed by the Chinese and Italians, according to the latest surveys. These are those foreigners who not only want to come to visit but choose to have a second home in one of the most important cities in Europe.

Today, in the blog of BARNES Barcelona, we want to tell you more about why the French have decided to go from being tourists to owning the best luxury homes in Barcelona.

There are plenty of reasons to come to Barcelona

When French people come to Barcelona, they usually choose their ideal home near Lycée Français de Barcelona very quickly, closing the operation in only three or four months. And this is because Barcelona has a luxury residential real estate market with relatively low prices compared to other European capitals. The high profitability, the attractiveness of its culture and the thousands of kilometers of coastline have also contributed to the increase in foreign investment in the Catalan luxury market in recent years.

Among the most popular areas, the French tend to prefer homes in the Pedralbes neighborhood, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi and near Lycée Français de Barcelona. Outside of Barcelona, they usually decide on the coastal areas of towns such as Sitges or Sant Andreu de Llaveneres, all of them with a big market of luxury homes.

Flat Pedralbes near Lycée Français - BARNES BarcelonaBarcelona - Pedralbes - Duplex penthouse 8611 sq ft - 5 Bedrooms

Working with  experts

There is a fact: in the luxury real estate market, 80% of real estate operations are closed thanks to the good use of the contacts of the real estate agency that manages the operation. 

That’s why it’s so important, in addition to finding the perfect house, to work with the best professionals throughout the buying and selling process. BARNES has its origins in France, so it knows perfectly the idiosyncrasy of this buyer. Its origins, the good treatment and the professionalism of its property experts, paired with its wide portfolio of luxury properties, make it the best ally when facing the real estate operations in Barcelona.