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Is it possible to simultaneously sell and buy a luxury house in Barcelona?

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Buying a new home while selling your current one might look challenging, but it’s actually a fairly common situation that sometimes presents itself as an opportunity that we can’t miss. Unless we have a large budget, we usually have to coordinate the sale of our current home with the purchase of a new one to have the cash and make just one single move.

This process requires careful planning to avoid complications and to ensure that both processes work well. Not to mention that we must carefully evaluate our financial capacity to carry out this double operation.

Today, on the BARNES Barcelona blog, we show you the most important aspects that you must know to be able to sell and buy —at the same time— a luxury home in Barcelona.

5 tips for buying and selling a luxury property at the same time

Evaluate the local housing market 

Before looking for a new house or putting the current one up for sale, we must make sure that we have a real estate agent who has a solid knowledge of the real estate market in the region in which we are interested. Understanding the different elements that affect prices will allow us to better organize ourselves and know if our plans are feasible.

Vallvidrera HouseBarcelona - Vallvidrera - House 15000 sq ft - 7 Bedrooms

Manage the timing

In these cases, it’s important that the period between the sale and the purchase is as short as possible. It’s best to reach an agreement with the buyer, stipulating a period of at least 6 months until he can move in. This way, we can sell the house confidently and find a new one easily.

Keep in mind extra expenses

Both process involve assuming some costs and, before starting operations, it’s essential to calculate them all. In addition, we should be prepared in case unexpected events that can cause new costs occur.

Request the paperwork in advance

Once we decide to buy or sell, we must contact our real estate agent as soon as possible to begin handling the necessary procedures so that nothing unexpected happens at the time of signing.

Sell and then buy

It’s advisable that the new home is not acquired until the sale of the previous one is signed. That’s how we will avoid paying for two properties at the same time.

    As a final tip, we recommend consulting with market experts, because these types of transactions are risky and not easy. Our professionals are trained to help us save steps, time, and money. From BARNES Barcelona we provide advice so that you can sell and buy a luxury property at the same time successfully and without complications, and thus, enjoy the home you have ever dreamed of.