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How to prepare your luxury Costa Brava house for the holiday season

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Summer holidays are just around the corner and, to enjoy those long-awaited relaxing days, it’s essential to start preparing and setting up our second luxury home on the Costa Brava.

Before we settle in the house for several days, we should do a thorough cleaning, as well as check that the appliances are working properly. By doing so, we will enjoy all the comforts with our family and friends.

Today on the BARNES Barcelona blog, we'll give you the best tips to prepare for your trip and make the most of your luxury home.

3 tips to have your second home on the Costa Brava ready for summer

General Review

Facilities might break down due to a lack of use, especially if the property has been vacant for a long period. As a result, we must check that the windows and doors open correctly, as well as the electrical system, boiler or water heater, and all electrical appliances.

Deep cleaning

When our second residence hasn't been used in a long time, all corners should be carefully cleaned: the refrigerator and freezer should be clean before we turn them on; if there are any bug pests or dampness, treat them; mowing the lawn and cleaning the plants in the yard, as well as keeping an eye on the pool's condition

Renew the furniture and decoration

We should Check to see if the couch needs new upholstery or a cover, and if the chairs and dining table are in good working order. It's also vital to double-check that we have all of the silverware, glasses, and other cooking tools.

On the other hand, we may get a fresh appearance by updating our house décor. Lighting and color are the two most important factors to consider. We can maximize natural light and paint the walls in light tones to create a calm and beautiful ambiance. We may use candles, light garlands, or lanterns to lend a magical touch to summer nights.

Enjoy a luxurious summer

If you have not yet acquired your second residence, what are you waiting for? Our professionals will assist you in finding the ideal home in the most desirable regions of the Costa Brava.

We have a large portfolio of luxury properties in the region at BARNES Barcelona, and we can help you find the one that best meets your needs by accompanying you and simplifying the process.