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How to setup utilities when you move to your new home

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In this article we share with you the main procedures to setup utilities before moving and we provide you with some tips to manage all these issues. It’s very simple!

BARNES BarcelonaHow to set up your utilities

Moving can be stressful, especially because of the many steps that must be taken before. For this reason, it’s necessary to get organized with enough time and not leave everything for the last minute; This way you will avoid problems and changing houses will be a smooth process. One of the most important steps to be taken as soon as possible are the power utilities, since it depends you having electricity and gas in your new home. All of them must be setup in advance before moving day, since the activation process of each of them can last between one and two weeks. But where to start? Don’t worry! In this article we explain how to do it.

What happens if I already have electricity and gas at home?

When you move to a new home, you may encounter two situations: you do or don’t have utilities. Usually, they are already setup; in those cases, you need to change the name on the power and gas bills; that is, a process whereby responsibility for utilities passes from the old to the new owner. Of course, both the change of name in the gas and power bills are for free and can be carried out as many times as necessary, as many times as you move. Take into consideration that it won’t be necessary to change the name in the power and gas bill if you are renting for less than three months; In those cases, it’s usually the owner who keeps their name on the bill.

On the other hand, it’s usual that once the change of name has been made, the new tenant or owner request a new price in the event that the one previously hired doesn’t suit their needs, both for power and gas. This sometimes requires a change of supplier; In those cases, what should be done is that once the change of name is done, the user has to get in touch with Endesa's customer service or other power companies. To do this you can call Endesa free number and select the plan and the price; Of course, the customer can also request information about maintenance services or discounts.

And what happens if I don't have power or gas?

The house you are moving to may not have active utilities. This usually happens in newly built homes or those where the service was canceled because they were going to stay vacant for a while. In both cases, it’s necessary to activate the power and gas, a process that involves the visit of a technician to your home to setup the electricity connection. Once this is done, the user will only have to wait about seven business days to start enjoying the utilities.

Among the requirements included in this process is the payment of fees to the power and gas supplier. This is important since it is not possible to setup utilities if there is no contracted rate; This is because the customer, even if he does not consume any power, has to pay only for having the utilities activated.

Each power rate has two options: variable price, which depends on the amount of power consumed, and the fixed one, which is always the same and depends on the power toll. Power toll is the amount of money that the client will have to pay every month, hence it is necessary to have a power and gas contract hired. However, it’s not the only concept you can find on an electric bill; If you need more detailed information, you can find it here.