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Luxury penthouses in Barcelona: the most requested property

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Investors willing to pay 30% more for a luxury penthouse in Barcelona.

You could say that a penthouse is the candy of the luxury real estate market. The most demanded type of property in cities like Barcelona or Madrid. In Barcelona there is an added value because of the sea views or mountain views. 

It is not only one of the most demanded products, but it is also one of the most limited. And when they enter in the market, the battle to get them is fierce. Several surveys show that the investors interested in the luxury housing market are willing to pay up to 30% more for this type of housing, a unique one in the Barcelona luxury real estate market.

It is ironic to think that this product wasn’t always considered a jewel. In fact, in the old times, the status of a home was related to how close it was from the ground. The lower and firsts floors were occupied by the richest people, while the upper floors were reserved for service. Nowadays it’s quite the opposite.

With this current high demand in mind, more and more investors are looking to revalue even more the scarce luxury penthouses of Barcelona. Comprehensive reforms, state-of-the-art technology and other additional services increase even more the value of these homes. A luxury penthouse that also has a pool, gym or parking space, will always have an even greater value in this market.

Barcelona is the perfect city to have a luxury penthouse. The Catalan capital enjoys the good weather throughout the year, the nearness to the sea and it has a huge gastronomic and leisure scene. All of it along with Barcelona's atmosphere, which is characterized by its relaxed and paused vibe and its enormous appeal, makes that more people want to live in the city. And if possible, in a luxury penthouse. After all, enjoying the views, not having any noise and feeling that you are on top of the city is a difficult feeling to compare.