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How will the Barcelona of the future ?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertainty in many sectors, but the future is already clear.

We are in changing times. And change is synonymous of challenge, opportunity and future prosperity. Above all, for high-end neighborhoods on the outskirts of Barcelona, which will begin to have greater popularity for buyers.

And while living in the city has good things, such as quality of life and proximity to the center, this period of forced home office is showing us that we can move to healthier and more natural environments. And tomorrow? Tomorrow apartments with terraces and townhouses with gardens and community areas will be more valuable, even if they are outside the city.

Today, on the blog of BARNES Barcelona, we show you what the cities of the future will be like and what will be the priorities for acquiring a high-end home in Barcelona.

Healthy cities and lifestyle changes

It’s no longer just about finding the right luxury home in Barcelona, but finding the space that best suits our needs to live a better life. From now on we will begin to value energy efficiency, green spaces and unobstructed views of the outskirts of the city much more.

If the gardens with views and the apartments with penthouses were already a good architectural solution and the kings of the luxury homes, now they will be much more. And not only for the new works, also for the reforms that will be carried out in the coming months.

And is that the architects should now focus on the design of terraces and balconies, of spaces that really have visibility to the outside; and they will have to transform the roofs of the houses into common areas of enjoyment for all. Sustainable projects will be the key to helping build healthier and more resilient cities.

In the case of larger homes, the hallways will be a key element for the transition, since they have been transformed into sanitary spaces where shoes and coats can be left, as a daily prevention measure against the current context.

We are ready

The pandemic has changed us forever, and not only worldwide, but also in more personal aspects, modifying our tastes and priorities. From BARNES Barcelona we are prepared to be with you in this process and help you find the luxury home in Barcelona that best suits your new desires and needs: in short, your new way of living life. And always, with a great view to the future.