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How to sell a villa in Barcelona quickly and efficiently

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You’ve already taken the first step: making the decision of selling your villa in Barcelona. Do you know which is the next step? In BARNES Barcelona we explain it to you.

We are sure that anyone who has to go through this process knows that it can be tedious and complicated, and that they need to be well-informed and have updated knowledge of the real estate market to be able to navigate it efficiently. It’s not enough to have good pictures of a tidy and nice house. It’s also essential to have a good team of professionals to help us sell the property. Is the house paperwork in order? Does it have any kind of debt? Is the villa ready for the buyer to move into?

Today, in the blog of BARNES Barcelona, we want to help you sell your villa in Barcelona by sharing the best tips to do it quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Villa Barcelona (Vallvidriera)Barcelona - Vallvidrera - House 15000 sq ft - 7 bedrooms - 8 bathrooms

5 tips to sell a villa in Barcelona

  1. The first impression is the one that counts: a person who is interested in a property makes the decision to buy it in the first seconds of the visit. If the first impression wasn’t good, no matter how much the buyer keeps examining it, in the end he won’t be interested. The villa must be tidy, beautiful, without damages, without personal belongings and with a well-kept and attractive garden. The return of all that investment will be seen in a better price and a much shorter sales term.

  2. Put a price appropiate for the market situationuchas many times this is done by comparing the values of similar properties, although it’s not the best way to proceed. The ideal is to consult with professionals with experience in this type of operations, in the area where your villa is located and who already have a client portfolio. This way you’ll be sure that you are in the best hands.

  3. Care for visits professionally: it is important to be attentive and pleasant with our potential buyers. We must share with them our living experience in the villa, so that they can imagine themselves living there. It is important to indicate the works and reforms carried out, so that they can understand the price, in addition to giving all the information of the current situation of the property. 
  4. Trust in our real estate agent: they are one of our main allies, and having them will bring us countless advantages when it comes to selling our property. Not only they can advise us so that our house is ready to go on the market, but they will be in charge of managing the visits and presenting potential buyers.
  5. Be patient: selling a property can take a long time between negotiation and document management. This whole process must be done calmly, taking it as something that can last for weeks or even months. Having a real estate agent will give us the assurance that all the steps are carried out correctly, since it will ensure that all the parties are satisfied and that the deal is completed soon.

Choose the best professionals to sell your villa in Barcelona

If you’re looking to sell your villa in Barcelona quickly and efficiently, it’s best to seek the advice of a professional. A real estate agent will not only help you with the visits and will put you in touch with potential buyers, but will give you all the information that is needed for this process, clarifying all the doubts and helping you to achieve your goal.