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How to decorate a loft in Barcelona

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We have found our perfect home: a wonderful loft in the centre of Barcelona, in a modernist building. The ceiling is Catalan vaulted, but keeps the construction work seen in some walls and has perfectly defined beams. It is luminous because it has a spectacular window from where you can see the sunrise. But we have a problem: we don't know how to decorate it.

A loft is a very particular space; large spaces can cause the feeling of emptiness if we do not fill them properly. But we don't want to cram it with furniture either. These types of homes must be decorated in a very specific way, aimed to enhance their characteristics and strengthen all their advantages.

Here are some tips to turn an almost perfect home into the one of our dreams. A loft in which we will spend hours reading a good book, having a coffee with the family and friends or simply enjoying the ample space.

Mixing styles and details

  • Use furnitures to give the feeling that there are individual rooms. It is difficult to divide open spaces so that they are usable. It is ideal to organize them creating specific areas in different spaces. Is is worth noting shelves, tables, sofas and bedroom furnitures to mark the limits.
  • Carpets usually help to define spaces, as long as they are complemented with the chosen furniture. This way we will have defined and autonomous areas, such as a living room or a bedroom. Light colors often give freshness to the spaces, if that's what you are looking for. But if you dare, bold colors will be good.
  • Unique lamps define spaces and it is necessary to use different styles in different areas of the house. If we put a chandelier on the dinning table, we will create an intimate and quality atmosphere. Hanging wall lights in the kitchen area will separate the space and make it even warmer.
  • The curtains are ideal to separate the bedroom from the rest of the rooms. Not only you will have privacy, but if we add colors such as beige or ivory, it will give the feeling of having more amplitude and comfort.

Hopefully all these tips will help you to get the house of your dreams. However, the objective is the same: if we are going to buy a loft in Barcelona, we will do everything we can to turn it into a functional, attractive and charming flat. And if you follow these tips, you will succeed.