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Buying a luxury house in Barcelona to get the Golden Visa

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Europe is a fascinating place full of reason to settle in one of its many countries. That’s why 80% of wealthy foreigners decide to invest in this continent. But the only way they find to move around legally throughout the EU, is through the Golden Visa, which can be obtained by buying a luxury home in Barcelona.

Spain is the fourth most popular European destination to live, behind Germany, France and the United Kingdom. And it is because it has this advantage, a “golden visa” that is delivered when an investment is made in luxury real estate located within the country.

If you are thinking of settling in Spain, in the blog of BARNES Barcelona, we explain how you can get the Golden Visa and, at the same time, enjoy the best luxury houses in Barcelona.

Know the requirements to obtain an investment visa

One of the most important requirements to obtain the Golden Visa is that the property to be purchased must have a value equal to or greater than 500,000 euros. In this way you should look for properties that not only suit the tastes of the buyer, but also cost at least that amount of money.

When the house has been chosen, the buyer must enter Spain as a tourist and use the 90 days of legal residence allowed to carry out all the necessary procedures and formalize the purchase of the property. If for some reason the operation fails to materialize, after that time limit, an extension of six more months can be requested, provided that the contract is already signed, and the money invested in the purchase is within Spain.

In addition, beyond the exceptional requirements of the real estate operation, it is necessary to present:

• a certificate of criminal record or good conduct.

• health insurance covering the stay in the country.

• a medical certificate attesting that you are in good health.

• bank information that justifies having enough resources to establish in the country.

Once all the documents have been submitted, and if they are correct, the Government will grant the visa for a valid initial period of two years. If the investment were maintained, it could be renewed for five more periods.

The best option is a luxury house in the city

There are many reasons to buy a luxury home in Spain, such as the location, its great comfort, large spaces and the benefits of having your own patio and, often, swimming pool. But if you are looking to legalize your situation within the European Union, buying a luxury home in Barcelona and obtaining the Golden Visa is an excellent option, since it allows you to remain a legal resident for at least ten years.

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