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7 good reasons why buying and selling in August is a good idea

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We analyze the advantages of buying and selling in August. Contrary to what many think, the real estate market picks up during the month of August, offering various benefits for both those seeking their ideal home and those looking to sell their house, such as mature buyers and a greater margin for negotiation for the buyer.

Buying in August:

1.More and better time to make the decision: We never have more available and high-quality time than when we are on vacation. It's an excellent moment to make such an important decision. Relaxed and with a clear mind.

    2. August is ideal for visiting properties: The light in this month is special, providing more brightness and allowing for property evaluation during more daylight hours. Especially for properties with communal areas and facilities like pools or gardens.

    3. Maximum dedication to you: Some buyers are on vacation, so we have more time to focus on your project.

    4. Owners more open to negotiation: When the demand is less active, it's common for the seller to be more willing to lower the price if they receive a favorable offer. The seller doesn't want to waste time, making them more predisposed to negotiate the price compared to the rest of the year.

      Selling in August:

      5. Proposals of higher quality: It's evident that people who visit during their vacations are genuinely interested. They are very mature buyers, and there is a real interest in purchasing among most of the interested parties.

      6. Less competition: At BARNES, we don't go on vacation; we will be working for you.

      7. Immediate profitability for the investor: The investor client who buys in August has the possibility of gaining immediate profitability from their new property.

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