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BARNES launches its online estimation service

Show light - BARNES Agency, luxury real estate in Barcelona

At BARNES Barcelona, confinement does not stop us, so we have launched two new services.

At BARNES Barcelona, we continue to support you in your real estate project during this period of confinement. Our entire team is at your disposal and available to carry out a quick and reliable estimate of your property in Barcelona.

From your home, make an appointment with one of our consultants and take advantage of the time to make a pre-estimate of your property by video conference.

The estimation with videoconference, consists of 4 stages:

If necessary, a second physical visit will be arranged to adjust the sales price. 

Video conference visits: Don't wait until the end of the confinement to show your property!

BARNES Barcelona has developed a new solution to show your property and quickly start marketing it safely.

The 3 steps to prepare a visit by video call: 

The purpose of this new service offer is to save you time in your sales project. A second visit can be arranged after the confinement, of course.

Time is money and if you have decided to sell your property go ahead with your project, contact us.