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5 activities to enjoy on the terrace or balcony of your house in Barcelona

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Don't you know how to make the most of your terrace? With today's blog you won't have any excuses.

In this time of confinement, owning a terrace or balcony in Barcelona is one of the most precious treasures. Today we can take advantage: chat with our neighbors, doing homeoffice and, why not, enjoying the first rays of sun that the arrival of spring is giving us.

Balconies and terraces are today a prime asset of any home. Also taking advantage of the greater space of time that we spend at home, we are in an ideal moment to organize them and turn them into our refuge: a space of freedom and disconnection. In addition, with a good light, we will be able to enjoy, very soon, pleasant evenings with the family.

Today, in the blog of BARNES Barcelona, we tell you five activities that you can do if you have a terrace or a balcony in your home.

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5 activities to do on the terrace or balcony

  • Breakfast or brunch in the sun: with a table and some comfortable chairs you can create a perfect corner to have a coffee or a snack during sunny afternoons. You will spend time with the family, or when you prefer to be more isolated, listen to a good playlist of chill music or read that book that you had yet to release in the home library.

  • Mens sana in corpore sana: confinement is a good time to do relaxation activities, such as yoga or meditation. And if you used to go to the gym before the alarm state, you can organize a daily routine to not miss the rhythm of the workouts.

  • A garden in the home: with the beginning of spring, the plants bloom and the time becomes optimal to create our own garden. The important thing is to have constancy in the care that the flowers need, especially when the summer heat is approaching.

  • Games with children: if we are confined with children, the terraces and balconies are the ideal place to invent games that entertain them. We have a thousand options: from the most traditional, such as skipping rope or ping-pong, to the newer ones, such as the Laser Tag.

  • Colors and harmony: free time from confinement is also an excellent opportunity to redecorate the spaces of the house. Re-locate the furniture, lights and decorative elements that we implant in these outdoor spaces taking into account, for example, the ideas of Feng Shui, which will help harmonize the spaces of our terraces and balconies.

Flat with big balcony in BarcelonaBarcelona - Tres Torres - 3638 sqft - 6 Bedrooms

Thinking in the future

Yes, the balconies and terraces have become the most desired place by the inhabitants of Barcelona. After all, they are spaces that connect you, directly, to the outside world. If you are thinking that your next house has a terrace or a large balcony, at BARNES Barcelona we have the best professionals to advise you, be with you and help you fulfill your dreams.

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