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3 qualities that an agent of a high standing real estate agent must have

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Good advice is key to selling and buying a property

Barcelona is a city that has a large luxury real estate market, where not only the locals buy and sell their homes, also those who come from abroad to buy second or third homes. If think about the luxury market, we will find a totally different and unique seller and customer profile.

That’s why a high standing real estate agent must meet certain qualities, such as knowing the property well, the area in which it’s located, and being prepared to deal with the entire buying and selling process. The important is generate the extra trust with clients, in addition to being in contact with them all the time and connecting them with the best home purchase opportunities as a residence or investment.

Today, on the blog of BARNES Barcelona, we tell you the three qualities that a high-end real estate agent must have to be the perfect ally of buyers and sellers.

Marketing, contacts and exclusive attention

Engaging in the residential or second-hand real estate world is not the same as working in the luxury market. Although they are related, the truth is that high standing market agents must have certain characteristics:

  1. Excellent online and offline marketing strategy: luxury real estate agents have to be strong sellers. They must have charisma, good looks and elegance. In addition, they must have an exquisite and exclusive treatment with customers from the first moment. Finally, they must be able to serve customers both online and offline, creatively and exclusively. If they do we will know that we are working with the correct agent.
  2. Wide network of contacts: it’s important to choose an agent that has an excellent network of contacts, since that will bring us closer to our desired property. Many luxury real estate agents find creative ways to find the best opportunities, be it through word of mouth or commercial offices. That’s why it’s convenient to ensure from the beginning that they have this network of people interested in buying and selling properties.

  3. Exclusive attention: the luxury real estate agent must always be prepared to serve clients with a smile, answering all requests and being aware of the current market situation in order to give good advice. The most important thing is the client feels confident and understands the agent perfectly at all times. 

You are not alone in the process

Finding the right luxury agent is essential and it’s the first step to buy or sell a property in Barcelona. After all, these are large transactions and you need the assurance that you are doing it with someone specialized in the market. If you are looking to sell a luxury house and don’t know how to find an agent that’s up to the task, at BARNES Barcelona you will find professionals prepared to help you and give you the best service.