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Trends 2021: ideas to renovate our luxury home in Barcelona

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The beginning of the year is a great time for home renovations. Not only does the transformation or modernization of a setting make it look different, but it also gives it another character and personality.

There is no doubt that our perception on luxury home renovation projects have changed during the pandemic. As 2020 was the year in which we spent more time at home than ever before, the new trends rely on the versatility of spaces, good design and decoration to enjoy these more.

Today, on the BARNES Barcelona Blog, we present 5 ideas that will give an air of renewal to your luxury home in Barcelona, and thus start the year in the best way possible

5 ideas to renovate and decorate our luxury home in Barcelona

We can transform our house or apartment in a simple way, whether we are changing the style or modifying the space. The idea is to create spaces where we can feel comfortable, maintaining a sophisticated and elegant design at all times.

Adaptable environments 

Creating a versatile space that can be tailored to our everyday needs, be it work or study, would help us get the most out of our home. To achieve this, we can use built-in or hidden furniture, storage furniture and improve the sound insulation of the walls to create a quiet work environment.

Transform an empty room

When we have free space, there are various options for fully redesigning and converting into something useful. For example, we can create a space for our hobbies, a gym, a wardrobe, or entertainment room.

Eco-friendly renovation

It’s important to start using and consuming ecological products to reduce pollution and take care of the environment. We can start making our home more energy efficient using low consumption lamps, water saving systems and new appliances. Additionally, it is recommended to decorate our place with natural materials such as rattan, linen, bamboo, and wood.

Minimalist decoration 

We can make our environments more balanced and elegant with a few adaptations and removing unnecessary elements. We can achieve this using neutral colors, remove curtains to improve the entry of natural light, and reduce the number of objects and furniture.

Outdoor spaces

Over the past year, being outside have become something necessary to escape and disconnect from the routine. For this reason, it is important to have the terrace and garden renovated and ready to enjoy. We can start by protecting wooden structures, renovating outdoor furniture, and planting new flowers and plants.

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    Transforming our space from time to time can help to renew our life. We can create a different atmosphere with a few simple changes and small add-ons and feel like a new era starts. From BARNES Barcelona, we hope that you can make the rooms of your Barcelona luxury home more functional, appealing, and full of charm to start 2021 the perfect way.