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10 elements that a luxury home should have

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It is the small details that turn your home into a luxurious and exclusive property.

If a house is going to be considered luxury, it must meet a series of requirements imposed by the market. If we think about the word luxury, it surely brings our mind a lot of amenities, such as swimming pools, saunas, gyms, tennis courts, gardens, games rooms and huge kitchens. But is that what Barcelona buyers are really looking for?

The ideal luxury house must meet a series of conditions that will help improve the quality of life. In addition to the facilities that the property has, the services it offers are also decisive when choosing to buy a high-end home.

Today, on the blog of BARNES Barcelona, we show you ten elements that cannot be missing if you are thinking of buying a luxury home in Barcelona.

What does our luxury home need?

Our consultants have drawn up a list to take into account when choosing the ideal home, based on years of experience and customer support throughout Barcelona.

  1. Wide and open spaces: open, airy and extensive plants are the main characteristics of a luxury house. This gives us comfort, slack, and multipurpose spaces, such as game rooms or gyms.
  2. Private gardens: luxury homes have outdoor spaces with direct access from the house and with privacy with respect to neighbors or people outside each of the neighborhoods. These are ideal for gatherings with friends, barbecues, private parties and even romantic dinners.
  3. Technological elements: this includes all the wireless domotic devices that are trending and that can be managed from the mobile or the Tablet. For example locking doors, controlling the weather, turning lights on and off, and even controlling your alarm system.
  4. Sustainable spaces and materials: respect for the environment, energy saving and the best air quality are taken into account, taking care with the materials used in the home, which are ideally old and recycled.
  5. Exterior accessories: huge swimming pools, hot tubs and cabins for changing clothes are highly sought after elements in a luxury home. In some cases, it’s also requested that the outdoor spaces have adapted kitchens.
  6. Health and wellness: we include gyms, tennis courts, basketball and soccer courts, saunas and indoor pools. Of course it will depend on the taste and hobby of each buyer.
  7. Games rooms and private cinema: this trend has been going on for years, and serves to have greater comfort at home, especially if the area where the house is located is far from the metropolitan area and entertainment centers.
  8. The location: we always talk that a luxury home must be in a luxury neighborhood. This gives us exclusivity, tranquility, privacy and, of course, security.
  9. Large main room with dressing room included: the bedroom should be an open space with room for a huge bed and seating areas inside. In addition, it must have the latest technology and an extension inside dedicated to the dressing room.
  10. Special wine room: the current wineries include top-of-the-line temperature, security and humidity controls. Plus, they feature custom lighting, glass screens, and motorized racks

Barcelona - Sarrià - House 3229 sq ft - 3 BedroomsBarcelona - Sarrià - House 3229 sq ft - 3 Bedrooms

Everything in the same place

There is something that we love to say to every person who comes to buy a luxury home in Barcelona: details make difference and make our house unique. At BARNES Barcelona we work every day to find the house that best suits the needs of our buyers, with dedication, patience, and advising them on everything in our power. Offering a personalized service is one of our great principles and what undoubtedly sets us apart from the rest.