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The emblematic Nao returns to the Barcelona luxury housing market

Show light - BARNES Agency, luxury real estate in Barcelona

La Nao (from Latin “Navis”, ship, and in Catalan, “nau”) it’s one of the most notorious luxury homes in Barcelona. Located in the town of Sant Andreu de Llavaneras, it’s difficult to find a more spectacular manor on the Catalan coast. La Nao is back in the news because it’s in the real state market again through BARNES Barcelona.

On the Catalan coast we can find some of the largest luxury homes in the country, and Nao stands out among all of them for its amazing features. Today, in the BARNES Barcelona blog, we will school you with more information about this iconic mansion.

A ship of pure luxury in front of the Mediterranean

Located in the ''Supermaresme'' urbanization, and with a price of 15.9 million euros, the house has a size of 1,600 m2. If there is anything we can highlight from the outside, beyond its 6,300m² land extension, are its spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. Sant Andreu de Llavaneras is characterized by its fine sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, perfect to be enjoyed when living in the Nao.

The interior of the house is formed by seven suite-type bedrooms, as well as exclusive rooms such as the cellar, the games room or the sauna. The different rooms of the house are connected through an elevator, perfect to quickly pass through the levels of the house. The garage of the house has enough space for seven vehicles, in addition to an annex that serves as an apartment for staff.

This iconic house is the work of the famous French architect Erik Morvan and his sculptor wife Sabine. That’s the reason why the property has numerous works of art, from paintings and sculptures to valuable antique furniture. But if there is something we can highlight is its infinity pool with an integrated sculpture, which can makes us feel like floating.

BARNES Barcelona in charge of the sale operation.

The luxury real estate agency will exclusively market this distinctive ship-shaped property. As Elizabeth Hernández, director of the BARNES Barcelona offices, has pointed out, “That the owners of a house of these characteristics choose BARNES to market it exclusively makes us feel very proud. La Nao is one of the most impressive properties, not only in the Catalan real estate market, but also in the whole Spanish market, and it’s one of the main claims of our super-luxury real estate assets for buyers and investors worldwide”.